In early 2012, Ellie Okada moved to Massachusetts and established Boston Cancer Policy Institute, a 503(c)3 research institute committed to conduct social science research that will explore framework of translating discoveries to cancer therapeutics options, including for cancer induced complications and pain, focused on targeted, individualized therapies and medicines. As the Senior Fellow, Founder, President, Okada draws upon her background as an academia and her experience in analyzing issues of intellectual property and scientific knowledge to enhance the organization's capacities. She created the non-profit research institute model using lessons learned from leading global companies with diverse product lines and large research and development teams as well as global consortium. She uses this knowledge to align research developments with operation units and to drive innovations with bioethical considerations. With this approach, Okada guides the policy-oriented research conducted and supported by the institute.Ellie Okada found inspiration for the Boston Cancer Policy Institute from colleagues she met during two stays in the United States as a visiting scholar. Okada first operated out of the Columbia Business School, where she researched the ways in which transnational companies utilize new intellectual property. Next, she researched Fortune 500 companies from a post at Harvard University; specifically, she studied stem cells, pharmaceutical breakthroughs, and ethics. Dedicated to realizing personalized cancer treatments with bioethical considerations, Ellie Okada moved to Boston from Tokyo, where she left a tenured position at Yokohama National University to pursue research opportunities found only in the United States. During her 24 years with the university, she was promoted to professor with tenure. She worked first as an associate professor at the Faculty of Business Administration, then as an associate professor at the International Graduate School of Social Sciences, and then was promoted to full professor at the International Graduate School of Social Sciences in 2003. She taught graduate-level courses related to her research on strategic management of intellectual property. In addition to her work at Yokohama, Okada served as a committee member of Japan’s Council for Science and Technology Policy Cabinet Office, and was a member of the Subcommittee on Intellectual Property Policy and Growth Policy for the government’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.Ellie Okada possesses a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Kobe University. Through her work in both the public and private sectors, she served as fellow at the Intellectual Property Association of Japan and received an Intellectual Property Distinguished Service Award from the Japan Patent Office. In the United States, Okada earned a Woman of the Year award in 2010 from the National Association of Professional Women.


Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University


Jan 1984 - Jan 1988 | Kobe, Japan

Business Administration and Management, General

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